Wednesday, 29 June 2011

29 June 2011 @ Bio practical

arghh~ not felling well today =( feel damn dizzy and very weak T.T
so i skip 2 lecture class today =P
applied math and bio.
wake up at 1000 this morning =)
sleep well yesterday ~
i love to sleep~ hahaha~
my housemates always says that i am piggy. =D
went to OLD TOWN with Felicia for our breakfast~
finish our breakfast at 1120 !
i am late!
my class start at 1130 T.T
so i have to take taxi to school~
when i get in to the taxi and tell the driver my destination, he ask me that where is tarc =.=
no choice~
have to get down because when he ask me to tell him the direction , i failed to do so.
hahahah! i am totally 路痴 ~
finally ~ i get a taxi n reach C100 ,where my phy practical class held at 1135 ~
really have no energy to carry out the experiment~
the worst thing is i have no energy to tie my pendulum !
but i still able to hand in my report on time.
i have my bio practical after chemi lecture~
we carry out food test this week.
these are what we use for experiment ~
 the result for protein 's test ~
the purple colour shows that the solution contain protein ~
 non reducing sugar 's test~
 those orange colour show the present of sugar~
test for reducing sugar =)

wing said that she was serious and that time she was holding test tube for Revanth to observe the color changed~
do u agree ??
cant upload another 2 pretty photo ~ so sad =(

Saturday, 25 June 2011

25 June 2011 @ TARC SPUS Sc Exhibition 2011 ♥

ps : tell me if i make any grammar or spelling mistake~ and i feel sorry about it >.<


today is the parent-lecturer day for my seniors~

and our school launched a exhibition for parents
so that they will not waste their time or feel boring while waiting for their turn to meet with their children's lecturer.

wake up at 0615 today because we have to go to school today.

Ya! Wen Yee ♥,Felicia ♥, Elaine♥ and i take part in the exhibition today =)

we become the helper~

Wen yee♥ and Felicia♥ in charge in games

while Elaine♥ and i conduct a experiment.

our experiment title is heating water without stove!

actually it is a very easy and simple experiment.

what you need is just calcium chloride and water,

mix it up.

stir it.

and you can feel that the beaker turns hot slowly.

quite lame experiment.

nothing special~

the pic they took before they exhibition start.

the look they wear spectacles♥

we have about 14 stalls.

i wont write too much today but i will upload some videos =D

the colour fire~


♥ beautiful rite =)

the elephant toothpaste !

hydrogen peroxide + colouring reagent + detergent + potassium iodide as catalyst = elephant toothpaste

this is the step i remember~ i am not sure whether it is correct or not =P

this is the video :

my stall is between the colour fire and elephant toothpaste.

they use a lot of chemical so it is very smelly and i cant breath well !

i think i will die because of the smelly chemical if i stay at there for a longer hour -.-

i don't know much about this~ didn't go and try ~

i just took the pic only.
The disappear ink ~

the students in charge are not around ~ so Felicia♥ demo it.

Next ,

know how to do it now?

they make the paper in the envelope visible with hexane

and this is the video~



Felicia ♥and her polymer ball ~

the magic milk have a very colourful and nice board~

but i forgot to take the picture.

besides that , there is a experiment called sinking smoke.
but i didn't take the pic too

a magic show♥ by Ethan~ ( I'm not sure whether i spell his name correctly or not ) ps =P

of course it is because of chemical too !

the exhibition end at 1200

went home ( PV 12 ) alone because Felicia♥ went to her aunt's house.

Friday, 24 June 2011

24 June 2011 @ Sg. Wang ♥

i didn't blog for 5 days d~
too busy with my assignment and test ~
hope that i can pass my chemistry test~
 no need to pass it wit flying colours result~ and it is impossible for me too~
'ngam ngam' then it wil be okie d~
god bless me~
start my title today =)
today outing is just 3 of us ~ Felicia♥, Wen yee ♥and i.
Elaine♥ is not feeling well
while Wing♥ has to accompany her boy boy ~ Sam because today is Sam's birthday
Wing♥ make a cheese cake for Sam. don't know whether it taste good or not~
but i think it taste sweet because that cake full with Wing's love ~
helping Wing♥ to promote her cake~ hehe
today we went to Sg .Wang purposely for SNOW FLAKES !
Felicia♥ want to try it for a long time d~
and she keep talking and thinking about it since last week !
today she had fulfill herself~
Felicia♥ order snow flake's best seller.
Wen yee♥ order soya ice series wit the set 4 topping.
while i order Sesame Sensation !

they keep taking each other's photo while waiting for the dessert~
 Wen yee ♥with the ' beeping UFO'

after we finish it. we went shopping!
Felicia wan to buy a legging while i want to buy a pants~
and finally we get what we want~
Felicia bought a legging and a  dress ♥
she looks nice, tall and slim with the dress~
i will upload a photo later when she wear it next time.
while i bought a yellow colour pants♥ at PADINI.
actually , i want to buy a white colour pants.
but She is complaining about i have too much of white colour clothes~
she say i cant live without white clothes~
but what she say is true~
ALMOST ALL all of my clothes are WHITE!!
so, i change my mind to buy a yellow pants instead of white =)
after that we went to buy the prize for the games tml~
in that STUPID SHOP , i broke a very UGLY container's cover accidentally !!!!!!!!!!!!
and i have to buy that STUPID container!
SHIT! when  my bad luck going to END ?!
went back to school at 4.30p.m ++
arghh~ i will be late for our meeting for sc exhibition !
we going to decorate the board today~
fortunately Amigo didn't scold me~
sorry ,Amigo ~ >.<
reach school at 5.15p.m
rush to H208 .
our experiment is about heating water without stove with calcium chloride .
go home at 7 p.m but the board is not done yet !
tml i have to go to school earlier to finish it~
show u all tml =D
Felicia and i cook for our dinner today ~
we cook spaghetti and mushroom soup.
These is our dinner for today^^

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Feel like want to blog today~
but don't know what to blog~
so just blog about my horoscope~ Libra ❤
i will share 2 article about it~ but not written by me .
just feel like what it write is exactly who i am~
so i just share it =)









天秤不喜欢落入俗套中的爱情。与 天秤爱过的人,也许回头来看,都不知道该怎样去评价那个秤子。爱着的时候是淡淡的,离开的时候也是淡淡的,甚至,连分手的理由都不屑追问。假如一个秤子在你面前掉了一次泪,你决不会想到她在背后曾为你哭过无数回。

天秤的爱情有些自闭。他们喜欢纠缠在回忆里,幻想里,那些破碎不堪的画面对他们来说就意味着完整。其实,做秤子的爱人真是轻松得很,你不用刻意去安排什么浪漫的场合,你什么都不用做。因为, 天秤都有一颗浪漫的心。只要心里有爱,再平凡再普通的事也被他们美化了。
天秤的内心真的是很温柔。这种温柔绝不是娇柔做作的那种,而是有一颗明事理的心。 天秤懂得尊重别人,这并不是人云亦云,事实上,秤子没有那么多的好奇心去在乎每个人的想法,对自己不在乎的人,又何必较真呢?这是秤子做人的道。而对于自己爱的人,他们的一言一行秤子会拿来奉做“圣经”。
爱情是一个人的事。 天秤肯定对这句话大有感触。爱上了,倒反而寂寞了,因为想把自己交给一个人去了解,可这个人懂吗?值得吗?面对着眼前这个若即若离,神秘又淡然的秤子,谁又会想到他们的内心正起着暗涌。而相反的,爱上秤子的人会在某一天突然却步了,想要放弃了。原因只有两点:一是感到缺乏安全感。摸不透秤子的想法,热度也不够,温温的。要知道这世上的俗人千千万,也许他们在认识你的第一天就想着跟你上床,而秤子期待的爱情是首先要建立在精神上的,美的,有幻想空间的。于是,分道扬镳。二是感到秤子的爱是种负担,因为秤子的爱里容不下一粒沙。其实,秤子最喜欢的是和自己过不去,但,人永远无法超越的却是自己。秤子的这个结老也打不开。
也许,只有那种历经坎坷,途径九九八十一难最后才修得正果的爱情才是他们内心最最向往的。所以,要是没有一点“分量”的感情, 天秤有时就会“分心”。

and this =)




































copy from:

it is exactly what i think~
hope you all can understand me more through this ❤
and i would like to share a song


17 June 2011 @ Home Sweet Home❤

我真的很讨厌吃外面的食物~ 因为我很懒得选~而且来来去去都是那几样
其实我很好养~ 因为我不挑食 =)
拍拍手~ 这是好习惯嘢~ =P
这星期我,felicia 和wing 都超不幸的~
Felicia, 睡觉落枕.还严重到需要看医生而且走路时会抽着~痛到会流泪那种哦~

而wing呢~她因为把车泊在错的地方而被锁车~RM 50就这样说byebye啦~
而我呢~haiz~ 惨!
第一晚,星期日晚上~ 因为床是新的又没带床单所以床臭臭的~害得我睡不好 T.T
第二晚~就像我之前写的~功课很多~ 赶功课赶到很晚.
第三晚~因为吃错东西所以肚子疼了一整晚 -.-( but tat night i hav a girl's talk wit Felicia ^^)
第四晚~这晚睡得最好~很早睡.还一觉到天亮 =)
第五晚~在学校时突然来月经而弄到裤子=.= 这个月我已经是第二次嘢~ 再这样我会因贫血而死~
讨厌来月经 ! =.= 为什么女生要来月经.超想把卵巢割掉!!!!!!
第六天~除了经痛还是经痛~ 还好~只是轻微的~
好啦~ 今天就到这里好了

Tuesday, 14 June 2011

14 June 2011 @ Pasta Zanmai , WE ♥ SUSHI

since phy lecture having a meeting .
therefore no one will enter the class so i just skip class n go gai gai with Wing♥ , her boy boy, Sam , Felicia ♥ , Wen yee ♥ n Elaine ♥ ~
they have a voucher because they went there last week too~
YEA~ we are sushi lover~
so we went to Pasta Zanmai @ Low Yat Plaza for our dinner around 5
haha~we are abnormal~ taking dinner so early =)

* elaine , wen yee and felicia  ♥ elaine is taking pic while wen yee n felicia reading the menu n try to find out some mouth watering sushi =D

 this is wen yee 's don and sushi ♥. she order ebi don, ebiko sushi and unangi sushi =)
 this is elaine's meal  ♥
 while these order by wing n sam ♥
 this is mine =) i  ♥ sashimi
lastly , felicia 's don and sushi  ♥
this is our dessert  ♥

look at the way she use chopstick XD cute ♥ the table after meal~ terrible~
not dare to take their pic without posing ~ so have to make the pic become blur~ if not i will kill by someone =P
before we go home~ something happened !!!!!!!!!!
they make she laugh when she is drinking water n she accidentally spout the water out but fortunately she didn't face the sushi~
we laugh non stop after that.

it is bad to take dinner so early~
Felicia and i went down to take supper at 9 =.=
she ate roti boom and teh halia while i ate roti boom and teh o ice limau~
first time for me to taste teh halia~ no bad =)

13 June 2011 school reopen ~

time past wit lightning speed~
haiz~ my holiday just end like this T.T
do nothing in this holiday~
just rotting in my room ,what i do is just eat , sleep n online ~ =P
even i am just rotting at there , but i still wish to have more holidays~
i  ♥ holidays =D
wake up at 730 even my class start at 1000 because of the sun light~ =.=
going school wit holiday mood~
damn sleepy because in this holiday i wake up at 1300 then sleep again at 1600~
so when i reach home  the first thing that i did was take a nap even i have a lot of homework~
haiz~ my false again~
holiday i am too lazy d~
never touch my hw~
so i have to rush for it before lecture wanna to discuss it T.T
how pity am i T.T
wake up at 1900~ then take dinner wit my housemate at outside~
but i have no ideal about that place~ don't know where is it~
reach home around 2100. start to do hw
Gambateh  ♥ wish i can finish it tonight~
but i only did 2~ too geram d~ all answer that i found is totally different from the answer given =.=
HERH~ don't want to do d~
lets die tml~ but nvm ~ stil got someone accompany me =)

alan~ no need to say sorry because ffk between fren is normal  ♥
hoongyih~ thanks for take me home  ♥

ps : blog today because i really have no time to blog yesterday~ damn tired n i got a lot of hw ~

Sunday, 12 June 2011


搬去PV 12 , Taman Melati 因为比较靠近学校~
虽然我去过但我是路痴,所以我也不会去 =P

erm~我跟班 Felicia ♥ share 一个 master room~
妈咪帮我铺床单的时候才发现原来我望了带嘢~ =.=

叮叮~ 打扫时间到!!
妈咪他们回后我和 Felicia ♥ 就分工合作,打扫房间~
我们扫地,拖地板, 洗厕所....
我是猪嘢~ 要我动来动去当然累咯~
奖奖将~ 房间亮到可以照镜子嘢~  离谱=.=

打扫后,Felicia 先洗澡 而我负责call alan ♥, wing ♥ 和wenyee ~
因为我们打算要去KLCCremember me?
可是都联络不到 alan 所以只好取消咯~
我和Felicia 就约她朋友一起吃晚餐~
我的是最后一碗哦~ 所以 Felicia ♥只好吃板面汤的伊面~ @.@ 乱~



                                               我觉得这很美嘢~ ♥

Saturday, 11 June 2011

11 June 2011 @ sunway pyramid

*ps : my English is poor~ so if i have any grammar mistake pls pardon me~ n tell me pls~ thanks =)

Arrgh~ today is 11 June and AARON YAN going to have his concert at Taiwan~ >.<
i wan to go~ really love him~ but it is impossible~ i am not born with silver spoon n it is impossible for me to go Taiwan~

so~ i am going to blog about what i did today =)
went to sunway pyramid wit my sis ~MAN.
nth special~ just like usual.

my look today =]

when we reach there ~ we rush to the cinema to buy ticket~
WOW~ terrible~ we reach cinema at 11 am and what we saw is a long quiet which you cant see the end~
Haiz~ no choice~ we have to quiet up and fortunately there is a express line for Kung Fu Panda 2 and X-man first class.Wakaka~
but even with an express line~ we still have to quiet up for 20 minute =.=~ sigh~ wasting my time~
after we get the ticket. we went to red box for sing k =D
both of us order salad and ice lemon tea.

we sing from 1130 til 1330.
then we went to ECCO @ Asia Avenue. to buy a bag for my sis~ shue.

we take our lunch at SUSHI KING again~
we share piri-piri chicken and sashimi gozen =) damn full~

before we went to sushi king~ we went to Kindori for ice cream =)
Puiyee recommend this for me yesterday so i went for a try~
i order a pumpkin ice-cream while man order a cherry ice-cream~

it is fresh make and look nice =) but for me the ice-cream is suck! it is not smooth enough ~ mine is still okie but man 's is terrible~ damn sour !!!!!!

time past with lightning speed
is the time for movie now! =D i ♥ movie
we watch Kung Fu Panda 2
the movie is nice~ FUNNY ~ love it ♥