Thursday, 31 January 2013


容易胡思乱想,多疑,极敏感,嫉妒心强, 最容易吃醋。
爱顾影自怜,N重性格,严重精神分裂, 特大号神经病。特大号神经病!!!"

对! 这就是我, 我很矛盾. 从来不知道自己想要怎样,想做什么.
什么都往肚子塞, 其实我觉得我活得很辛苦.

ps: sorry. i cant update for the post about bangkok trip due to my laptop is broken down. pictures are in my laptop :/

Tuesday, 22 January 2013


read my sister's blog just now * * she is having the same problem that i used to have it last time. yes, about friendships ! is mainly about one of her best friend started to change after his new relationship, not become better but worst. he started to stay away from my sister and his gang . my sister and her gang is now worry about the girl will give him bad influence ---ps : that girl didn't come from good class and seem to have attitude problem---

after listen to my sister , i was like , chill! your best friend will eventually come back to you as long as you never give them up and always try to help. and it seem like everyone will go through all these. just like me! feel glad now, because my best friend seem like coming back to me :)

stay tuned!
gonna update my blog soon.
it will be about a trip that i went last week. * phuket / bangkok *

and lastly , wanna wish one of my high school best friend

NIKO ! happy birthday <3
stay pretty and happy !!

Wednesday, 9 January 2013


seriously , i am so jealous with the kid that their parent will buy them everything they want .they dont need to work hard for it. i wish i could have parents that like my friends's parent, they give them what they want. i want i pone 5 , i want i pad with retina display, i want more clothes , shoes and bag. but i know i wont get it from my mom, i have to work hard and earn more money to buy myself what i want ! my mom dont buy me anything since i was in form 5. even during new year! i know , i am grown up , i am an adult now, i should earn for everything i want. i didn't blame my mom. i am already 20. and this is what parent do, they started to let go their kid , let them to learn to survive . okie, so i work for what i want, i earn for my thailand trip, i earn my own degree's tuition fee, i earn the money to buy new stuff. but i am just jealous ! so envy to see my friends with their post about their parent bought them new stuff, i wish i could too, i am not envy with the new things they own, but is because their parent bought them!! and i am so jealous when i see they go travel with their parents.

it is so nice to get presents from parent!!

so i work to get new stuff, my pays is not a lot and i still have to give half of my salary to my mom, she says this is a must! i know, so i just do what she said, but mom, can't u just buy me some clothes for chinese new year? i want the feel when parents bring kid to shop before chinese new year :( it is so nice and lovely!! i can feel it from my friends's picture or status. 

actually i know i never get to buy new stuff! because i will use the money that i left after giving my mom to buy new stuff for my sisters and my mom. i wish i got a sister that will buy thing for me just like my friends's sister ,so i do they same thing to my sisters, so that they feel happy.

i don't know when can i get new phone and own an i pad. but i will try my best to get myself all i want!! 

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

new year , new life , NEW MV ♥

hey , morning ! AND HAPPY NEW YEAR !!!!
yea, just woke up , play poker with sisters until 4 am yesterday . ermm, not good to stay awake until wee hour ,should have some change this year !

yes, this is not a post about new year wish or how hard i party yesterday . 

this is about my babe release a surprise mv for his pudding !!
ohh~ how sweet you are <3 this mv release without any notice and just now when i on my fb the news about his new mv are flooded on my wall ! so good to see this once i open my eyes .
it cheers any boost my day  :D


this is the mv . here you go

love him since i was 13. i being his fans for 7 years and the support will go on! nothing will change no matter what happene !
i love his voice because it is warm , i love his smile because it is charming , love his look <3
but even he spoil his face i will still love him. * nothing gonna change my love for you you oughta know by now.... *
i know i am way to obsessed and over . but this is my blog i do what i want !

here's some other mv from the album ' THE MOMENT'

this is chinese version of i dont believe you from pink. he wrote the chinese lyric himself 

我们都是 一边珍惜着过往   一边努力 地奔向未来。