Thursday, 20 October 2011

20 October 2011 @ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME♥

yea~ today is my BIRTHDAY!
happy birthday , yanyan ♥ haha =D

hmm~~ wanna make 18 wishes here as i am 18 this year c:
  1. I wanna get straight As for my A-level ♥
  2. I want my family and friends are in the pink of health and live happily c: ♥
  3. * this one i reserved to those who ♥ me to make the wish for me *
  4. I hope bunnies and my friends can do well in their A level too =)
  5. I hope the friendship between bunnie and i stay forever♥
  6. I wish AARON YAN♥ can come to Malaysia to have his personal concert and i can go !!!! XD
  7. I wish the relationship between my best friend in secondary school can remain as last time
  8. I wish i can put down my weight !now i am fat fat and chubby de T___T
  9. NO PIMPLES and BLACKHEAD come and visit me !
  10. I hope i can improve my english.
  11. I wish that i can get what i want.
  12. I hope more people care about me.
  13. I wish i can travel at oversea with bunnies
  14. * still can think of it~ wil update next time *
  15. * still can think of it~ wil update next time *
  16. * still can think of it~ wil update next time *
  17. * still can think of it~ wil update next time *
  18. * still can think of it~ wil update next time *

Wednesday, 19 October 2011

1 OCT - 2 OCT 2011 @ Bentong ♥

went to Elaine's hometown ♥ at night =)
her sister, Ester come and fetch us at about 2300

go bukit tinggi for supper ~
reached her house at 0015++
welcome by her mom~
auntie~ you are so nice ♥

had breakfast with her family on the second day morning
 went back home to take a nap as we are LACK OF SLEEP!!!

elaine wake we 2 lazy piggy (wenyee and i) up at 15++
yea~ time for lunch =D
tomyam ~tomyam~ tomyam!!
we ♥ you ~ muack muack :-*
it is nice~

 fried chicken ~
went to the waterfall nearby her house after our lunch~


 one of my childhood memories~
didnt take this type of ice cream since i was 15~
have you forget about it?
when was your last time to take this type of ice cream??
miss it ???
didnt walk to the opposite side as the bridge swing and make us feel dizzy @_@

her mom cook for dinner =D
like the food that cook by her mom c:

it is raining cat and dogs.
cant go back to kl yet~
and we wait until 22++
reached kl at 00++

even this is just a 2 days 1 night trip but it is wonderful ♥

1 october 2011 @ Malaysian Philharmonic Youth Orchestra , KLCC

this is just a short post~
went klcc to support our classmate =)
cam whore while waiting for felicia c:

 2 noob face XD

 oh no~~~ she wanna bite me~~~ run 

it start at 1500 but we go at about 1430~
we are late to the orchestra ._.
have to wait at outside
to wait for the interval break of the performance
the music are quite nice =D
had our lunch at sushi king~
we are SUSHI FREAK !!!!
wing and sam went back sfter their lunch =)

while we are just walk around at KLCC before we go home.
 in a fitting roomXD

8 sept 2011 @ malacca

hehe~ we went to malacca purposely for food and this is just one day trip~
actually i didn't join bunnie as my mom don't let me to go~
but they kidnap me at school
that why i am in malacca with they all too
 shhh~~ dont let my mom know k~ she will kill me >_<.
felicia was the gps that day~
she show sam the way~

 finally~ we reached malacca~ the journey took us about 2 hours~

 lunch time~ lunch time~~
took chicken rice at here~ kedai kopi chung wah at jonker street~

 we have to line up and wait for our turn as they are one of the famous n traditional chicken rice at malacca!

 waiting ~ waiting~ waiting~
where is my meal???
hungry T____T

 actually i do not eat chicken except for fried chicken and rendang~
but this time~ i ate~ because the taste of chicken is not that strong~
it is nice!

 NEXT !!!
Felicia recommended this to us~

 kuih sago in gula malacca~ no bad too~

 walk to Christ Church~

went to dataran Malacca for layer cake ^_^
Nadeje cafe~~

 original layer cake =)
 cheese layer cake c:
 tiramisu layer cake =>
 i LIKE this most!!!! chocolate layer cake =D

 the cakes are nice and delicious~ but we are too full already and cant finish it =(
 a stupid picture that we took at there while waiting for time to pass
it open at 5 p.m
we reach at 1715 but there are almost full already X___X

see~ people are queue for the seat!