Sunday, 28 August 2011



12 - 14 August 2011 @ segamat♥

GO ! GO! GO!
yeap~ the next destination after dreamz is SEGAMAT
wing♥ drop we 3 at pandan indah lrt station.
then we took ampang line 's lrt to BANDAR TASIK SELATAN.
walk to Terminal Bersepadu Selatan (TBS)
but just a short distance
picture !picture! picture~
let photo explain our journey~
ps: as i super lazy to write =P

                                         walking ~ walking~ walking~ walking from BTS to TBS

                                       see! my cute little pig pig bun♥ she got alot of  face expression

reach TBS =)

 line up to buy ticket ^_^
 these are our ticket~ cost me RM 16++
and we depart at 4.30pm

                                          hehe~ felicia♥ feel helpless and speechless to me
                                          because i keep taking photo XP

                                                            waiting bus here~~

                     our picture that take on bus~ no makeup ,no edit~ so it look ugly!!
                                              reach at 1915. take us only2 and a half hours =D

felicia♥'s mom come and fetch us and take us to a food court to take our dinner.
i take 红酒面线.
felicia♥ recommended it to me and she took the same food too~
just from different stall.
 六味糖水 with macaroni ?!so weird ! but the taste is same as usual one~
went back to felicia♥'s home after we finish our dinner
take a bath
and prepared for next station.
chin teck come and fetch us~
to a cafe.
wen♥ and i order a bubble tea
she want grape one while i want peach one
so sour !!!!
next we go to a mamak stall that quite famous at there.
but felicia♥ and teck pang( usually we call chin teck as teck pang because his full name is chin teck pang)
left we two there T____T
2 little pity buns with felicia♥'s friends
(haha~ actually we dont mind at all one! is better for us to stay with her friends than become the lightbulb
better for them to go pak tor without us =X opps~
the tea special there~
the taste don't have much different just the colour~
look so nice~
 wen yee ate a maggie goreng~
meet 4new Friends there.
felicia♥ and chin teck come back around 2100
going to next stall~
i think we go 3 mamak stall at that night~
reach home at among 3 in the morning~
opps~ forgot to bring our toothbrush !
                                                our temporary toothbrush that given by felicia♥
2nd day ♥
woke up at 08++
my dark circle
but we didn't feel tired~
went to take bak kut teh as our breakfast.
back to felicia♥'s daddy 's office.
stay there for among 1 hour.
too boring d~~
so we went out to walk around~
went to 魔力点子(i not sure that did i write it correctly) to take bubble tea.

not bad but chat time is muchhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh more better than it!
her elder sister came and take us at 11++
and back to her office
wait for other to go yamcha.
13++ reach a coffee shop
but i don't know the name.
that is a very traditional coffee shop
with a hotel on it
i am too full . so i didn't order anything.
wenyee♥ , as usual . milo ice again.

she wan to take my picture while i want to take her picture.
took by wen♥
Elnino come and take us~
go for wantan mee.
Arghh~~ so tired~
so we went back to felicia home around 1500
wenyee♥ and i sleep lik a pig while felicia♥ went out to play tennis
she is so energetic~
woke up at 2000
finish prepared ourselves in half an hour and went out for dinner with felicia♥'s family.
went to "potoh" after dinner
but we meet other at a cafe
the cafe we went last night
first row~
debbie , hui min and felicia~
debbie is so cute~
i like this cute girl. =)
second row is wen♥ , me♥ and ~
OMG i forget her name~
so sorry =(
third row~
i just write those i remember. =P
the first is chin fu, debbie's bf , blue shirt one is zhen kang, then is puiling
go potoh after everyone finish their
fetch by elnino too.
didn't take much photo at there.
scare there will be others in my picture =X

that night felicia sleep wit us~ even we reach home around 0100 but sleep at 0400 something!
when 3 crazy girls♥ come together alot of crazy things will happen.

conclusion :
wen♥ and i feel scare when people ask us "nak minum apa?"
then our reaction is "TAK NAK TAK NAK"
because we keep yamcha at there.

and want me learn from chin teck is 开玩笑~ 开玩笑 =_=