Wednesday, 10 April 2013

life is full with unknown

not update my blog for about 2 months, no choice, i am too busy, busy earning money. i have been working almost non stop for 2 months, work 10 to 10 everyday, i am so tired right now.and yet i am still bothering by 'what should i take for my degree' , i really hate this issue. i really dont what to study, petroleum engineering or biomedical engineering. seriously, i dont really like both of these course, I LIKE MEDICINE, even is chinese medicine. i still like it. but i am not allow to take chinese medicine as the demand is too low in malaysia!
i am so scared and confuse now. my feeling now is just like the poem, the road not taken, i want both life . i scare i will miss out something nice or interesting if i choose the first instead of the second.
i hate future, because it is so unpredictable. i hate unknown. seriously i dont know what to do right now.