Wednesday, 7 September 2011

6 Sept 2011 --- SICK =(

elaine stay with us tonight as there is no one in her condo.
Felicia started to not feeling well at about 2000( 5 sept)
she keep vomit ~ >_<
but what she vomit is just water as she didnt take any food after her lunch.
at midnight ~ about 0100
 she started to have diarrhea.
diarrhea + vomit = die !
she suffer alot
but i suffer too!!
not because of she was sick and i have to take care of her !
is because there is another girl in my room , elaine was SICK too T__T
this one more terrible !!!
because the PLACE that she feel PAIN is her HEART.
not heart attack k !
her heart is SICK
due to some problem between the couple
i am suffer because the 2 of my dear bunnie were sick and i CANT do anything !
dont know how to help they 2.
try to imagine~
1 girl keep run into toilet and vomit
while another girl sit at there and cry~
want you can do is just observe them
felicia surrender at 0215++
we accompany her to clinic

she get any injection.
elaine and i started to feel hungry !
as felicia was not feeling feel so we decided to cook ourselve
dont want to eat at the mamak downstair
so that we can keep an eye on felicia
we really scare that she will faint!
cook spaghetti.
i sleep at about 0500 after settle all the things
while elaine didnt sleep for the whole night.
she accompany felicia to the clinic again at 0600
i didnt go because they didnt wake me up.
no choice to skip class on the next day.
i sleep at 0500 while elaine at 0630++
it is impossible for us to go to college at 0740++
who we going to wake up after a nap that not mire than 3 hours ~
so we skip two class~

5 Sept 2011 @ Levain boulangerie patisserie

My holiday is just online , sleep and eat.
i keep telling myself  that i should do revision
use it wisely
shouldn't waste my holiday.
well~this is just what i THINK,it became at the opposite way when it come to real life.
haiz~ why i always cant control myself?
start my school with MS exam ~
so i didnt sleep on sunday night~
because want to do last minute revision >_<

that why my MS gg d~
i didnt do well !
it go blank when i enter the hall.
maybe is because there are alot of butterflies in my stomach ~
exam finish at 11am
no class after that
so we went out for lunch.
a new restaurant to introduce today.

it is in KL but i dont know the exact address.
Wing brought us there.

the menu~
elaine 'a latte and seafood aglio olie spaghetti
wing choose some cake for us to try~
it is so yummy~
love it :3

wing just take a glass of orange juice and some cakes.

when u saw coffee , then you should know who order it!
get your answer?
is felicia
her americano and teriyaki beef baguette sandwich =)
but she said that the americano is not that nice.

wenyee 's chicken bologinase spaghetti .
she get an orange juice too.
actually she want apple juice instead of orange
but as the cafe didnt supply apple juice that day so she choose orange.
my turn =D
as usually.
green tea and seafood aglio olie spaghetti~

yea~ time to chat after we finish the food~
felicia is the last today as her get her food after we all finish ours
so keep laughing and chatting when she took her food.

they bought some bread before we go home =)

go to jusco , wangsa maju after that
because wing want to buy a heels at vincci~