Saturday, 30 July 2011

30 july 2011 @ sunway pyramid

Planned to stay at pv 12 and study for monday’s chemi test
But failed =P
Hang out with kang shyan today.
Want to do revision together.
Went to sunway today
Reach sunway at  1310~
The journey took me about one and a half hour~
Quite jam today.
go to gurdian to buy my Hada labo 's moisturizing set before i buy the ticket

it cost me RM118 only =)
i really love♥ Hada Labo 's product
it make my skin feel better~

Meet kang shyan at 1345.

Went to starbucks and we going to start to start our revision.
Both of us grab a green tea cream~
I love it~
I only do 1 chapter in one and a half our =P
But he worst at me ~
Only did 2 math question =X
Haha~ both of us can’t concentrate
Want to watch a movie later ~
Move to cinema at 1515
The movie is damn funny ~
Worth to watch~
He sent me to Taman Jaya LRT after the movie~
Thanks kang shyan
Reach pv 12 at 1900
Going to start my revision later~

Thursday, 28 July 2011


ps: i post this before~ but it lost so i have to rewrite  it =_=


yaya ~ today is our  DD bun 's birthday and we had planned about it last week.
want to give her a surprise ^_^
going to show you all our preparation 2 days before her birthday c:

as the other 2 buns are skip class and go dating~
so the 3 pity little buns that had be forgotten planned to do so !! XD
wing♥ , wen yee♥ and i planned to go pavilion after our lunch~
we take our lunch at Mc Donald as suggested by wen yee ♥
actually we planned to go Midvalley
but it is too far and we don't wan to be the light bulb for our onion bun , Felicia ♥ and her 'inti' XP
i think she gonna to kill me because of this .hehe

actually we just want to have a window shopping
 but wing♥ and wen yee♥ cant withstand the temptations
the evil in their heart keep calling them
therefore their beloved vitamin M said bye bye to them in Forever 21 !
wen yee♥ spend 60++ while wing♥  spend 80++ there
wen yee want to but a white colour shirt at Cotton on but there are lack of stock.
when they want to pay for their dress
something terrible happened ~

wing♥  lost her purse !
she almost turn over her bag and try to seek for her purse's trace
but she still cant found her purse~
her tear almost drop down from her helpless face~
you can imagine her big eyes with tears rolling in it~
so pity~
wenyee♥  suggested her to search it at the fitting room
so i accompany wing♥ to the fitting room
but it was not there !
in the way back to counter wing♥ and i try to recall back
and we almost get the answer in the same time~
she left her purse in her car!
finally she get her smile back =)
so wenyee♥ and i paid for wing♥  first~
wing keep saying thanks and sorry about her reaction just now~
she sent us back to prima setapak, where wenyee♥ stay~

wenyee♥ keep telling me that her room is terrible and messy after we got down from wing♥ car!
actually her room is not messy at all !
but when you get in her room then you will know that she is really a stitch lover~
there are a lot of stitch in her room and they are very cute ^_^
wait for her to pack up her stuff and went back to pv 12 At 1700

she watch drama while i sleep while waiting for elaine♥ and felicia♥ to come back~
2000, they are still not coming back yet!
we decided not to wait for them~
straight away go for our dinner after we take our bath~
went to Nice Cafe for our dinner~

Elaine♥meet us there~
back to pv 12~
and start our work !!!!
finally~ our onion bun reach home~ about 2300
she join us after she took her bath~

 elaine♥ keep complained that she is hungry ~
so we prepare to clean up all the thing and go downstairs to yamcha~

 they started to go crazy and play around d~
 haha~ see! 2 38~ but i ♥ they all~
their 38 pose make me laugh like hell XD

 my room is so messy !!!!!

 wing 's ♥ birthday card ~
spend a long time to draw it but it still does not look like wing~
haiz~ don't hiam la~ we all are not art student~
have no talent in it !

people around are looking at us at the mamak
because we all laugh lik crazies
going back at 02++ and continue our work~
sleep at 04++~
GOSH !!!! how they going to wake up tomorrow and go to school ?!
i skip class because i am sick !

hehe~ today is wing♥ 's birthday~
felicia♥ , wen yee♥ and i skip class because we want to decorate her car!
who know ! she skip class too =_=
wait at citc for two hour~
dd bun is so naughty ~
skip 2 class !
don't learn from her ~
bad example =P
she park her car at sport complex !!!
it is at the opposite side of citc~
15 minute walk !
T___T i am still sick la wei~
don't torture me T___________________________________T
finish the decoration as soon as possible
it took us 10 minute to finish it~
meet wing♥ and elaine♥ at canteen 2
then walk back to sport complex together~
when wing♥ saw the big ribbon on her car from far~
she turn her body and look at us with many question mark on her face~
she speechless when she saw her car!

heading to klcc for lunch after she clean her car~
took our lunch at Madam Kwan

 after order the food~ wen yee took out the small bag that make by me~
she show it yo wing♥
and ask wing♥ whether it cute or not ?
wing♥ get the small bag from wen yee and started to look around~
she turn to the back and she saw her name!
she thought she had giddiness and keep turning it
until she realise that there is her name !
she so we all her blur blur de face~
ya ! that is her present ~ with at gift card inside there~
 wen yee♥ with her drink~

 see ! her 38 face~ but she is so cute♥ ~

 wing♥ is like usual~ fb-ing~ saw the small bag??? is her gift ~
 they mug to each other~

 felicia♥ 's coffee ~ she is a coffee lover♥♥♥
 my ice lemon tea~ i order as what wing♥ order

 wing's chicken rice~ it look so tasty~
4 of us order chicken chop~
not that nice~
i don't like it~

4 pretty girls~
 since i have nothing to do in the car~
i try to take KLCC's pic
but failed

 reach college at 1630~
class started half an hour d~
we dun wan to interrupt
so we stay in the car and chat around~
 she is playing around with her finger~
and keep pronounce happy birthday in Spanish ' feliz cumpleaƱos '
and elaine♥ keep imitate fa ka jie
i hate that character  =_=
but they are damn funny~
we all laugh like crazies in the car !!!

wing celebrate her birthday with our classmate at canteen 2 after bio prac~

this is the video~

she keep saying thank you and she is very touch to 4 of us~
dear~ no need to say thanks~
we should do all of these~
v are buddy♥ rite~
no thanks and sorry among bunnie~ ♥♥♥