Tuesday, 22 January 2013


read my sister's blog just now * * she is having the same problem that i used to have it last time. yes, about friendships ! is mainly about one of her best friend started to change after his new relationship, not become better but worst. he started to stay away from my sister and his gang . my sister and her gang is now worry about the girl will give him bad influence ---ps : that girl didn't come from good class and seem to have attitude problem---

after listen to my sister , i was like , chill! your best friend will eventually come back to you as long as you never give them up and always try to help. and it seem like everyone will go through all these. just like me! feel glad now, because my best friend seem like coming back to me :)

stay tuned!
gonna update my blog soon.
it will be about a trip that i went last week. * phuket / bangkok *

and lastly , wanna wish one of my high school best friend

NIKO ! happy birthday <3
stay pretty and happy !!

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