Monday, 18 February 2013

wish list 2013

kinda late to write a wish list right , not really, i am chinese, and my celebration for chinese new year haven't end yet. is just chu jiu ( 9th day of cny ) * ps : if not mistaken :P *
i got some things to do n things to buy this year!

1. get into utp and study petroleum engineering! which i know i hardly accept by utp due to my results so i got a back up plan for myself! :D that will be going UCSI instead of UTP :/ no choice

2. since i have settle down the course i want so i should work hard for it! i wanna get CGPA 3.5 and above for every minor and important test or exam.

3. get start in a new relationship and forget the past! i am so bored with the life that i having right now! i want some change!

4. I want a birthday celebration this year. NO CELEBRATION OR PRESENT FOR ME last year since everyone was busyyyy with a level

5. buy a new i phone or note! and a i pad too, i want these things so muchhhhh.

6. buy a pairs of converse . i want a high cut one even my legs are fat and short! i dont care what others people think anymore.

7. buy 1 pair of birkenstock and 1 pair of filp flop! one for my mom and one for myself :)

8. buy 1 set of make-up kit. i wanna start to learn make up!

9. buy 2 longchamp! same , one goes to mommy one for me! baby step for me :) and slowly i can get all those branded purse or hand bag for my mom, she didnt ask for it, she will never !i just wanted to give her all those nice stuff!

10. save for taiwan 's trip !! i think my mom wanna go taiwan. thats why i choose this place.

arghhhh! all of this cost me about 17 k !! T__T i can get these things if i don't need to pay college tuition fees by myself ! add up with college fees it will take me 30k . god!! how to earn that much!

my due date will be 18.2.2014! HOPE I CAN ACHIEVE IT! wish me good luck ;)

anyone wanna sponsor or send it as a gift for me kindly contact me through email ! XD JUST KIDDING ! DON'T TAKE IT SERIOUS!


*ps : i am so lazy to post about my trip to thailand and about cny this year :X they are really long post!

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