Friday, 8 February 2013

chinese new year means??

lets have a lovely mood by looking at this picture first :) they say the colours in the picture can actually make people feel better and have a better mood. does it happened to you? it happened to me so i share to all of you ^^ wish you guys have a nice day !

okie. lets start the topic of the day, yes. chinese new year !! does cny means anything to you, to me it does when i am going back to my home town . i love going back home town for cny, i love having cny reunion dinner together. that feeling is so lovely having dinner together for 24 people, it is so crowed so you can only take a small place at the dinning table but is warm, and you get to chat around with you relatives. oh god! i just love that feel! after dinner the kids will play all the firecracker , ps or i pad. the for those youths and adults will all start gamble ! hahahahaha .then for nian chu yi grandmom will play all those cny songs because there are alot of kid in my family .

but all these are not gonna happen to me this year! because i am not going back to home town :( :O
sad sia. this will gonna be a boring cny because i will just stay at home. no cny songs and all those nice stuff for me :(((((((((( so this cny is gonna be so so to me, and i am not excited at all for this cny, it seem like meaningless .

didnt bought much for cny as i am not going out. and some of the clothes i actually bought for cny , i already wore it. so i didnt take the pictures of those clothes. the clothes of the upper part of the picture i bought it at malaysia while the rest of it i bought it at bangkok. i bought 2 pairs of shoes at bangkok too. things at bangkok are so cheap and look nice too, but , you know right when something look nice and cheap, you cant put high expectation on their quality. the money that i spend for the clothes i bought in malaysia is actually about 3x the money i spend at bangkok .

lastly! wish you guys have a happy chinese new year ! gong xi fa cai XD

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